Hello Neighbor Mod Menu by Buff Menu™

Want to get access to tons of extra features in Hello Neighbor? Try Buff Menu™, the most advanced Hello Neighbor mod menu.

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Change How You Play Hello Neighbor

With Buff Menu™, you’ll be able to use aimbot, wallhack ESP, skin changers and much much more.

  • Infinite Resources
  • Invincibility
  • Teleportation
  • Unlockable Secrets

And much more.

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Hello Neighbor Mod Menu

Welcome to Buff Menu™ – Hello Neighbor Mod Menu

Buff Menu™ is the ultimate mod menu for Hello Neighbor, bringing you an entirely new level of gameplay with tons of exciting features. With Buff Menu™, you can enjoy a wide range of game-changing tweaks and hacks, making your gameplay even more engaging and entertaining.

What is Hello Neighbor?

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that requires you to use strategy and stealth to overcome sneaky AI opponents. You must break into your neighbor’s house to uncover his secrets and unravel the mysteries behind his evil plot. The game features an advanced AI system that makes it incredibly tough to stay out of trouble.

What is Buff Menu™?

Buff Menu™ is the best mod menu that offers you unlimited opportunities to customize your gameplay. Using this mod menu, you can unlock new objects not available in the game, making your playthrough more interesting than ever. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and comes with easy-to-understand documentation, making it perfect for newbies and veteran gamers alike.

Features of Buff Menu™

Buff Menu™ offers a diverse selection of game-changing features and enhancements that are sure to change the way you play Hello Neighbor. Here are some of the most exciting features of Buff Menu™:

  • Wallhack that enables you to see through walls
  • Godmode that makes you invincible
  • Invisibility that enables you to hide from Neighbor’s AI
  • NoClip to help you move through solid objects
  • Spawn items and characters not available within the game
  • Teleport to travel instantly to any location in the game

Download and Install Buff Menu™

Downloading and installing Buff Menu™ is easy, and our team has put together comprehensive installation instructions to make it even simpler for you. The installation process follows three easy steps:

  1. Download the Buff Menu™ mod from our website.
  2. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the downloaded file into the game’s primary folder.
  3. Launch the game, and press the INSERT key to activate Buff Menu™.


Buff Menu™ is the ultimate mod menu for Hello Neighbor, featuring a wide range of game-changing features and hacks. With this mod menu, you will enjoy a level of gameplay previously unattainable in the game. Download Buff Menu™ today and take your gaming experience to the next level!